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Scrape Mat Products

Super Scrapes Signature Mats

  • Attractive multi color images are produced by molding a digitally printed polymeric material into a durable nitrile rubber mat

  • Unlimited color options with photo-realistic images produce unparalleled detail and clarity

  • Performs well in all types of environments

  • SuperScrape Signature mats are perfect for any application where colorful logo mats or message mats are needed

  • SuperScrape Signature mats come in 3’ x 5’ and 4’ x 6’ sizes in either horizontal or vertical orientations

scrape 17.png
scrape 3.png
scrape 5.png
Scrape 1
scrape 12.png
scrape 16.png

Super Scrape Impressions Logo

  • SuperScrape Impressions Logo mats offer a superior printing surface for your company logo or promotional message

  • Multi-color images are created by molding a digitally printed polymeric material into durable nitrile rubber

  • These long-lasting logo mats perform beautifully in all types of environments and are resistant to oils and chemicals

  • The high-traction surface effectively removes and traps tough dirt, grime, and water from shoes

  • Photo-realistic images, print ready artwork, tones and shades are all produced with unparalleled detail and clarity; 150 standard color options available; PMS color matching available for an upcharge.

  • 3/16” thickness.

Comfort Flow & Scrape

  • High density closed-cell nitrile rubber cushion provides excellent anti-fatigue qualities

  • Chemical resistant, grease and oil resistant

  • Welding safe and static dissipative

  • Beveled edges provide a safe transition from mat to floor

  • Lifetime anti-microbial treatment prevents odors and degradation of the mat

  • Light weight and flexible for easy handling and cleaning

  • Recommended for kitchen and industrial applications that do not require a draining surface

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 9.44.36 PM.png

Choose your Color

Scrape a1.png
Scrape A1
Scrape a6.png
Scrape A6
Scrape b1.png
Scrape B1
Scrape b6.png
Scrape B6
Scrape c1.png
Scrape C1
Scrape c6.png
Scrape C6
Scrape d1.png
Scrape D1
Scrape d6.png
Scrape D6
Scrape e1.png
Scrape E1
Scrape e6.png
Scrape E6
Scrape f1.png
Scrape F1
Scrape f6.png
Scrape F6
Scrape g1.png
Scrape G1
Scrape g6.png
Srape G6
Scrape h1.png
Scrape H1
Scrape h6.png
Scrape H6
Scrape i1.png
Scrape I1
Scrape i6.png
Scrape I6
Scrape j1.png
Scrape j1
Scrape j6.png
Scrape J6
Scrape k1.png
Scrape K1
Scrape k6.png
Scrape K6
Scrape a2.png
Scrape A2
Scrape a7.png
Scrape A7
Scrape b2.png
Scrape B2
Scrape b7.png
Scrape B7
Scrape c2.png
Scrape C2
Scrape c7.png
Scrape C7
Scrape d2.png
Scrape D3
Scrape d7.png
Scrape D7
Scrape e2.png
Scrape E2
Scrape e7.png
Scrape E7
Scrape f2.png
Scrape F2
Scrape f7.png
Scrape F7
Scrape g2.png
Scrape G2
Scrape g7.png
Scrape G7
Scrape h2.png
Scrape H2
Scrape h7.png
Scrape H7
Scrape i2.png
Scrape I2
Scrape i7.png
Scrape I7
Scrape j2.png
Scrape J2
Scrape j7.png
Scrape J7
Scrape k2.png
Scrape K2
Scrape k7.png
Scrape K7
Scrape a3.png
Scrape A3
Scrape a8.png
Scrape A8
Scrape b3.png
Scrape B3
Scrape b8.png
Scrape B8
Scrape c3.png
Scrape C3
Scrape c8.png
Scrape C8
Scrape d3.png
Scrape D3
Scrape d8.png
Scrape D8
Scrape e3.png
Scrape E3
Scrape e8.png
Scrape E8
Scrape f3.png
Scrape F3
Scrape f8.png
Scrape F8
Scrape g3.png
Scrape G3
Scrape g8.png
Scrape G8
Scrape h3.png
Scrape H3
Scrape h8.png
Scrape H8
Scrape i3.png
Scrape I3
Scrape i8.png
Scrape I8
Scrape j3.png
Scrape j3
Scrape j8.png
Scrape J8
Scrape k3.png
Scrape K3
Scrape k8.png
Scrape K8
Scrape a4.png
Scrape A4
Scrape a9.png
Scrape A9
Scrape b4.png
Scrape B4
Scrape b9.png
Scrape B9
Scrape c4.png
Scrape C4
Scrape c9.png
Scrape C9
Scrape d4.png
Scrape D4
Scrape d9.png
Scrape D9
Scrape e4.png
Scrape E4
Scrape e9.png
Scrape E9
Scrape f4.png
Scrape F4
Scrape f9.png
Scrape F9
Scrape g4.png
Scrape G4
Scrape g9.png
Scrape G9
Scrape h4.png
Scrape H4
Scrape h9.png
Scrape H9
Scrape i4.png
Scrape I4
Scrape i9.png
Scrape I9
Scrape j4.png
Scrape J4
Scrape j9.png
Scrape J9
Scrape k4.png
Scrape k 4
Scrape k9.png
Scrape K9
Scrape a5.png
Scrape A5
Scrape a10.png
Scrape A10
Scrape b5.png
Scrape B5
Scrape b10.png
Scrape B10
Scrape c5.png
Scrape C5
Scrape c10.png
Scrape C10
Scrape d5.png
Scrape D5
Scrape d10.png
Scrape D10
Scrape e5.png
Scrape E5
Scrape e10.png
Scrape E10
Scrape f5.png
Scrape F5
Scrape f10.png
Scrape F10
Scrape g5.png
Scrape G5
Scrape g10.png
Scrape G10
Scrape h5.png
Scrape H5
Scrape h10.png
Scrape H10
Scrape i5.png
Scrape I5
Scrape i10.png
Scrape I10
Scrape j5.png
Scrape j5
Scrape j10.png
Scrape j10
Scrape k5.png
Scrape K5
Scrape k10.png
Scrape K10

Safety Scrape Mats

  • Molded grip-surface effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime off shoes and provides and excellent anti-slip surface

  • Durable nitrile rubber construction is oil and grease proof, and chemical resistant

  • Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute

  • Static dissipative and UV Stable

  • Available in cleated backing

  • Recommended for use in kitchens, locker rooms, restaurants, production areas, outside entrances, and grocery store produce areas

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